The American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Manolis, Skiros 1931. From the Dorothy Burr Thompson Collection.

About the Archives in the Blegen Library

The Archives situated in the Blegen Library comprise the following groups:

  • Administrative Records: Institutional records including records of the Managing Committee, the Director’s Office, and other departments of the School.
  • Excavation Records:  Excavation notebooks, architectural plans and drawings, and photographs related to ASCSA excavations.
  • Personal Papers: Personal papers of archaeologists, architects, and other scholars who were associated with the School, including Carl W. Blegen, William B. Dinsmoor, Virginia R. Grace, Ida Thallon Hill, and Homer A. Thompson.
  • Antiquities Collection: Sherds, pots, sculpture, and other ancient objects. All pieces are registered with the Greek Ministry of Culture.
  • The Photographic Collections: The Archaeological Photographic Collection, the Alison Frantz Collection, the Dorothy Burr Thompson Collection, and others.

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The history of the first sixty years of the American School has been recorded in Louis E. Lord’s, A History of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 1882-1942, Cambridge, Mass. 1947. The following decades are chronicled in Lucy Shoe Meritt’s, A History of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 1939-1980, Princeton, NJ, 1984.