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In total, over 2,850 people have participated in educational programs at Corinth Excavations.


Corinth Excavations Celebrates 100th Educational Program

Katherine M. Petrole

This week Corinth Excavations hosted our 100th educational program! On Tuesday morning, Katie Petrole and Manolis Papadakis hosted a Virtual Field Trip for 135 first graders in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Katie is the Steinmetz Family Foundation Museum Fellow and Manolis is the Assistant to the Associate Director.

If you would like to sign up for a Virtual Field Trip, Mystery Skype, or Guest Speaker session with Corinth Excavations, find the Corinth Excavations Educator profile on Skype in the Classroom or email Katie at To see educational programs in action and to learn more about K-12 educational resources at Corinth Excavations, see our website.